La conquête de l' Ouest45t   EPBarclay72593TB19 €
Alamo , l épopée du Texas45t   SPPhilips322 697 fExcel.

12,50 €

Ennio Morricone . original sound tracks33tRcaFcL1 7146TB

15 €

Ennio Morricone . Les bandes originales de ses films33tRca741021Neuf

16 €

B.O du film  "a conquête de l' Ouest "

33tMetro records2356 006TB18 €
Western Promise. If you tell me you love me (Pressage U.K)45t  MAXIMidnight musicDong 49Neuf16 €
Turtle dance songs of san Juan pueblo33tIndian House1h 1101Neuf29 €
Texas songs with the Texian boys 33tFolkways records55328Excel.24 €
Folksay. A collection of American folksongs33tFestivalSLp 132Neuf22 €
Chants de la guerre de Sécession33tLe chant du monde55 717Neuf20 €
Greatest hits . The new Christy minstrels (Pressage USA)33tColumbiaCs 9279Neuf25 €
Western story . Vol.3 VogueSLvLx 533TB16 €
Western and folk songs. Par Ping Crawford 33tBamLD 5722Neuf20 €
Billy Strange . Il était une fois le western…33tMode509014Neuf18 €
Marc Taynor et ses cow-boys 33tOdéonxoc 1002M17 €
Western panorama. Les texas travellers33tNeuillyP 2028TB15 €
La conquête de l' Ouest . The texas travellers2    33tVogueD.p 60TB19 €
Country banjo33tLmuas 29844Excel.18 €
Cow-boy story. Thèmes célèbres de films et feuilletons T.V2    33tVogueSLvLx 625Excel.19 €
30 Golden country evergreens 2    33t 151 928Neuf19 €
Western. Geoff Love et son orchestre 2    33tMusic melody2 m124 63677/78Neuf19 €
T.V western . Themes 33tMfp5180Neuf15 €
Les musiques de grands films de western 33tMfp2013 fBon14 €
Les musiques de grands films de western  N° 233tMfp2m 046 94127Excel.16 €
Les musiques de grands films de western  N° 133t Musidisc30cv 1229Excel.15
Il était une fois dans l' Ouest. Ennio Morricone33tCiné MusicNL 33203Excel.15 €
The good, the bad & the ugly , A fistful od dollars, for a few dollars more (pressage UK)33tHallmarkHm 608Excel.18,50 €
Musiques originales "pour une poignee de dollars " "le bon la brute et le truand" "pour quelques dollars de plus " Hugo Montenegro33tRca Victor740 549Excel.17 €
Western parade, les plus célèbres thèmes de films et feuilletons TV33tMondio musicMm 88Excel.15 €
Il était une fois le nord, le sud. Western story 233tVogueSLvLx 508Neuf21 €
Refrains et ballades du folklore Américain33tConcert HallV 2438Neuf18 €
 Pete Seeger. American favorite ballads33tLe chant du mondeFwx 52321Neuf27,50 €
American folk songs for childrens 33t  25cmFolkways recordsFc 7001Bon29 €
American folk songs . The smokey moutain singers (pressage USA)33tHurrah recordsH 1024Excel.22 €
Rodéo, Billy the kid . New york , philarmonic , Leonard Bernstein (pressage USA)33tAaron Ms 6175Excel.24 €
Dan Fogelberg. High country snows33tfull moon. epic Epc 26247Neuf18 €
The flying Padovani's. They call them crazy33trazorras 25Neuf18 €
The new lost city ramblers. Volume 133tLe chant du mondeFwx m 52396Bon18 €



America. Hat trick (pressage USA)33tWarner Bros598Neuf20 €
Bonnie Bramlett. Lady's choice  (pressage USA)33tCapricorn698Excel.21 €
Buckacre. Morning comes (pressage USA)33tMca2218Neuf22 €
Valérie Carter. Just a stone's throw away (pressage USA) PR33tColumbia34155Neuf21 €
Glen Campbell's. Greatest hits  (pressage USA)33tCapitol Excel.20 €
The good times songs of Glen Campbell  (pressage USA)2   33tPickwickPtp 2048Excel.25 €
Johnny Cash's greatest hits . Vol 133tCbss 63062Excel.16 €
Johnny Cash's . The king of country 2   33tFestival174Excel.22 €
The adventures of Johnny Cash (pressage Hollande)33tCbs85881Neuf18 €
Johnny Cash 88. Classic Cash 33tPhonogram834 526 1Neuf17 €
Johnny Cash. Jonny 9933tCbs25471Neuf18 €
Riding the rails. Johnny Cash2   33tCbs88153Excel.20 €
Michael Cassidy. Nature's secret  (pressage USA)33tGolden lotusGolden lotusExcel.25 €
Clannad. Sirius33tRcaPL 71513Excel.16 €
Judy Collins. In my life  (pressage USA)33telektraEks 74027Excel.20 €
Judy Collins. Bread & roses (pressage UK)33telektrak 52039Neuf18 €
Judy Collins . Recollections (pressage USA)33telektraeks 74055Excel.28 €
Ballades de l' Ouest . Bing Crosby33tRca440 624 sExcel.39 €
Bing Crosby. The great country hits (pressage USA)33tEmiVmp 1004Excel.20 €
Crowell. Keys to the highway33tCbs466002 1Neuf15 €
Introducing the eleventh house with Larry Coryell33tMusidiscVsd 23012Excel.15 €
Charlie daniels Band Live 33tEpic85014Neuf22 €
John Denver. Spirit (pressage Canada)33tRcaApLi 1694Neuf21 €
Don Gibson & Sue Thompson . Warm love (pressage USA)33tMgmHr 4503Excel.20 €
Tom T.Hall's . Greatest Hits (pressage USA)33tMercurySr 61369Excel.23 €
The Jeff healey band . See the light33tArista209441Neuf18 €
Brazen Brass. New sounds in folk music 33tbrunswick267 086Excel.19 €
The journeymen. New directions in folk music 33t CapitolT 1951Neuf23 €
Carole King.  Tapestry33tEpic32110Neuf17 €
Carole King33tCapitol2s 068 85495Excel.20 €
Miss Gladys Knight33TBuddahTxs 3132Excel.15 €
Loggins and Messina. On stage2   33tCbss 880 14Excel.22 €
Lionel Long. Waltzing matilda (pressage Australie)33tColumbia74 617 506Neuf22 €
Nick Love. The rose of England33tBeat recordsZL 70765Neuf20 €
Kirsty Mac Coll. Kite33tVirginKmLp1Neuf16 €
Delbert Mc Clinton. Live from Austin33tAlligator aL 4773Neuf16 €
Rosy Mc Leod. Footsteps and heartbeats33tCooking vinyl70709Neuf18 €
The men, they couldnt hang . How green is the valley33tMca records254584 1Neuf18 €
Joni Mitchell. Don Juan's reckless daughter33tWea63003Excel.26 €
Harry Nilsson's . Greatest music33tRcapL 42728TB15 €
Gram Parsons. Grievous angel (pressage USA)33tWarner TB22 €
Dolly Parton.  Heart breaker33tRcaPL 12797Neuf20 €
Stella Parton (sœur de Dolly). Country sweet (pressage USA)33tElektra7e 1111Neuf 
Tom Paxton. Ain't that news!  (pressage USA)33tElektraEks 7298Excel.23 €
Charlie Rich. There won't be any more 33tPower packPo 241Excel.24 €
The voice of Will Rosers. I never met a man i didn't like (pressage USA)33t P11794Neuf22 €
Robert Ross 33tVictoriaLc 0316Neuf18 €
Pete Seeger. American Favorite ballads33tFolkways recordsFwx 52321Neuf19 €
Ricky van Shelton. Loving proof 33tCbs462622 1Neuf18 €
Buddy Spicher and friends. Yesterday and today (pressage USA)33tDirect diskDd 102Excel.28 €
Dusty Springfield.  in Memphis 33tPhilips844 238 byNeuf19 €
Dusty Springfield.  in Memphis (PR Hollande)33tPhilips844 238 byNeuf21 €
Steeleye Span. Parcel of roses (pressage UK)33tChrysalisChr 1046Neuf20 €
Johnny Guitar watson. What the hell is this? 33tDjm recordsdjf 20557Neuf18 €
Waylon  Live (pressage Canada)33tRcaCpL 1 1108Excel.20 €
Waylon and Jessi. Leather and Lace (pressage UK)33tRadio cristalrca LP 5017Excel.18 €
Bob Weston. Nightlight33tSimran326Neuf18 €
Gary Williams.  A tribute to Jimmie Rogers (pressage Allemand)33tFv12013Neuf20 €
Country collection. On the road (Willie Nelson, Janie Fricke, Johnny Cash etc…)33tCbs84961Excel.18,50 €
Country ladies. I love country (Charly Mc Clain, Janie Fricke, Crystal Gayle, Lynn Anderson etc…)33tCbs54942Excel.16 €
Folk singer story (Arlo Guthrie, Tom Rush, David Ackless etc…)2    33tMidimid 68 002Excel.21 €
Urban cowboy. Original motion picture soundtrack (Jimmy Buffett, Charlie daniels band, Eagles, Bonnie Raitt etc..)2   33tWea99 101Excel.19,50 €
Big Willie. Broke jail tonight33tPiccadillyNpL 38034Neuf22 €
The blue grass. Cardinals33tRounder records.0097Neuf19 €
Johnny Cash . The king of country2   33tFestival174Neuf25 €
Johnny Cash . Riding the rails2   33tCbs88153Neuf25 €
Johnny Cash. Now there was a song! (Pressage USA) original33tColumbiaCL 1463TB38,50 €
Johnny Cash at san Quentin33tCbs32209Neuf18 €
Boone Creey. One way track 33tSugar hillSh 3701Neuf19 €
J.D.Crowe & the new south . My home ain't in the hall of fame33tRounder records.0103Neuf19 €
J.D.Crowe. Tony Rice. Doyle Lawson. Bobby Hicks Todd Phillips. The blue grass album33tAda.0140Neuf19 €
Tony Rice. California autumn 33tRebelReb 1546Neuf19 €
De danann .  Selected jigs reels & songs33tShanachie79001Neuf21 €
Earl Scruggs. Dueling banjos 33tColumbiaPc 32268Neuf21 €
The golden hits of lester flatt and earl scruggs33tStardayPo 297Neuf20 €
Bela Fleck. Natural bridge33tAda1001Excel.19 €
Bela Fleck. Crossing the tracks 33tRounder records.00121Neuf20 €
Fiddle tunes for banjo. Tony Trischka, Bill Keith, Bela Fleck 33tRounder records.0124Neuf22 €
50 Guitars go country. The 50 guitars of Tommy Garrett33tLiberty recordsLmm 13025Excel.23 €
 Dick Caughan. Handful of Earth33tTopic12ts419Neuf18 €
David Grisman. The rounder album33tRounder records.0069Neuf20 €
Bill Keith. Banjos joistics33tRounder records.0148Neuf19 €
The Kentucky Colonels. 1965/1967 featuring Roland and Clarence White33tRounder records.0070Neuf22 €
Clarence White and the Kentucky Colonels 33tRounder records.0098Neuf21 €
Fokl song selection. Pete Seeger, Sony Terry, Cisod Houston… etc33tFolkways records le chant du mondeFws sp 1601Bon23 €
Western Story, Frontier balads by Pete Seeger33tFolkways records le chant du mondeFwx m 55003Excel.25 €
Doyle Lawson. Tennessee Dream33tCounty766Neuf19 €
Hot Rize. Bluegrass33tFlying fish80501Neuf20 €
Mason Proffit. Rock fish crossing33tWarner bross598Neuf23 €
Fusion is… Barry Miles33tcentury recordsCrdd 1070Neuf21 €
Bill Monroe's . Uncle Pen 33tDeccaMca 500Neuf22 €
Muleskinner33tRidge runner Rrr0016Neuf22 €
The outdoor plumbing company . Moonshine mountain 33tRebelSLp 1578Neuf21 €
Red Rector & Friends 33tRevonah Rs 931Neuf22 €
John Renbourn. So Clear 33tTransatlanticOrL 8277Neuf19 €
Reno & Smiley. 20 bluegrass originals 33tGustor recordsGd 5025 xNeuf21 €
Christian Seguret. Blue Shades33tAda1004Neuf19 €
The Seldon scene. Act 133tRebelSLp 1511Neuf21 €
The Seldon scene. At the scene…33tSugar hillSh 3736Neuf19 €
Ramblin' bluegrass. Larry Sparks & the lonesome Ramblers33tGustor recordsGt 0010Neuf22 €
Greetings fish . Timbuk 333tIRSIlp 450107 1Neuf19 €
Tradewinds . The folksinging favorites of the nations campuses 33tDiplomat recordsDs 2278Excel.28 €
The Travelers 33tking bluegrass Kb 557Neuf22 €
Tony Trischka. Banjoland 33tRounder records.0087Neuf25 €
Tony Trischka. Heartlands 33tRounder records.02144Neuf21 €
Frank Wakefield . End of the rainbow33tBay recordsBay 214Neuf19 €
Frank Wakefield with the country cooking33tRounder records.0007Neuf24 €
United Artits . Will the circle be unbroken3   33tUAUas 9801Neuf39 €

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